Economic support from Senate for victims of fire in Malabo

More that sixteen million Franco CFA have been provided by the senators in solidarity with the victims of the huge fire which affected hundreds of homes on Calle La Ronda in Malabo, leaving various families homeless in its wake.

The presentation of the humanitarian funds took place in the Upper Chamber.

The President of the Senate, accompanied by her First and Second Vice-Presidents, A�ngel Serafin Dougan Malabo and Agustin Nse Nfumu, among other members of the Table, praised the solidarity of the citizens of Malabo with those affected by the fire, while in her name and the name of all the senators, expressed solidarity with the victims.

After the presentation of aid to the members of each affected family, the representative of the victims, Fernando Fifen Fened, thanked the Upper Chamber for this gesture of humanity and solidarity.

The fire, which occurred in the early hours of 25th March this year on Calle La Ronda, adjacent to the neighbourhoods of Semu and Campo Yaunde, destroyed more than two hundred homes.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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