Education: Final year pupils scramble for secondary school spots

By Stephen Tadaha

Final-year pupils are vying for spots in secondary schools, with over 190 pupils in Babadjou Subdivision embarking on their common entrance exams on Tuesday, May 14th. Candidates from GBPS Bachua, Zavion, Ngangong, Kombou, and Babadjou Toumaka gathered at the GBPS Babadjou Toumaka examination center under the supervision of Mr. Achaiangia Aloysius, the Chief of the center.

Out of the expected 194 candidates, 192 were present, reflecting an impressive attendance rate of 98.9%. ‘We commenced the exams smoothly this morning with just two absences. Despite a lack of sufficient time for final revisions due to last week’s PAREC seminar, the candidates were well-prepared,’ stated Mr. Achaiangia.

The exam comprises tests in Mathematics, English (including dictation and guided writing), and English language comprehension.

Common Entrance exams are a pivotal step for final-year pupils in Cameroon seeking admission to secondary schools. Following the common entrance, candidates will undergo the Fir
st School Leaving Certificate exams within a month.

Source: Cameroon News Agency