Education in Danger Monthly News Brief, December 2020

03 December 2020: Update: In Kumba city, Southwest region, police have pressed criminal charges against the proprietress of the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy and her partner, alongside four other persons, following the killing of seven young students on 24 October 2020. Source: Mimi Mefo Info
09 December 2020: In Oku village, Boyo department, Northwest region, a student was shot and injured by Ambazonian separatists on his way to school.* Source: ACLED1
As reported on 09 December 2020: Update: In Northwest and Southwest regions, the long-standing Anglophone crisis has forced over a thousand secondary school teachers to abandon their jobs and seek safety elsewhere within Cameroon or abroad. The Cameroonian Government has requested teachers present themselves to the Ministry for Secondary Education within 14 days of leaving their positions and threatened to take disciplinary action against them if they fail to do so. Sources: Mimi Mefo Info I and Mimi Mefo Info II
11 December 2020: Update: The current whereabouts of a female teacher from the Government Primary School Akono, reportedly arrested alongside her children by government security forces on 03 November 2020, remains unknown. Sources: Mimi Mefo Info and TeboPost
Around 15 December 2020: In Yaounde city, Mfoundi department, Centre region, a teacher was arrested and tortured by the security forces for allegedly collaborating with Ambazonian separatists. Source: ACLED
20 December 2020: In Balwana village, Bourrha subdivision, MayoTsanaga department, Far North region, two teachers were kidnapped by heavily armed Boko Haram gunmen. The terrorists had specifically targeted the teachers, having reportedly arrived with a list of teachers’ names to kidnap.* Source: Mimi Mefo Info
22 December 2020: In Bambili village, Mezam department, Northwest region, the Principal of CCAST Bambili School was reportedly kidnapped alongside a traditional leader by separatist fighters.* Source: Mimi Mefo Info
26 December 2020: Update: In Yaounde, 45 days after his arrest over accusations of links links with separatists or involvement in the Anglophone crisis, a teacher from the Government High School New Bell has resurfaced at the Kondengui Principal Prison, where he was held in inhumane conditions. Source: Mimi Mefo Info

Source: Insecurity Insight

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