Education in Danger Monthly News Brief, July 2020

Burkina Faso
27 July 2020: In Tansarga department, Tapoa province, Est region, gunmen reportedly entered Toptiagou village and stole fuel before burning five primary schools (Katela Primary School, Diamanga Primary School, Kobana Primary School, Kotchari Primary School and Bodiaga Primary School) before fleeing to W Parc (possibly W National Park).* Sources:
Gulmo and Twitter 27 July 2020: In Tansarga department, Tapoa province, Est region, gunmen reportedly set another seven schools (Malpoa Primary School – Kombongou Primary School, Pielgou Primary School, Kobdari Primary School, Nangbanli Primary School, Tchontchonga Primary School, Kabougou Primary School and CEG of Kotchari) on fire.* Source: Gulmo
Around 21 July 2020: In Bamenda city, Northwest region, a male secondary school teacher was reportedly kidnapped by separatist fighters for allegedly accepting to work on a strike day taking place in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon.* Source: Mimi Mefo News
Democratic Republic of the Congo
06 July 2020: According to a new UN Joint Human Rights Office report, over the past 18 months, ADF militants have burned down schools and health centres. Between April and July 2020, approximately 60 schools were attacked in Ituri province. In July, 47 attacks against schools or health infrastructure in Tanganyika province were reported, as well as seven in South Kivu and three in North Kivu* Source: ReliefWeb, Save the Children and VOA
21 July 2020: In Amba village, Douentza commune, Mopti region, two school inspectors and a school director were kidnapped and subsequently released by suspected JNIM militants.* Source: ACLED1
South Africa
30 June 2020: In Mthatha, Eastern Cape, four schools were vandalised by a contractor who had built each of the school’s toilets and was left unpaid. He was found by the high court to have violated the rights of pupils to an education as the schools had to remain closed for the day. Source:
Mail & Guardian

Source: Insecurity Insight

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