Egypt’s Mango Festival Concluded Amid Efforts To Boost Sales

ISMAILIA– An annual mango festival concluded in the north-eastern Egyptian governorate of Ismailia yesterday, as the Egyptian government stepped up efforts, to promote the home-grown summer fruit in local and foreign markets.

Dubbed the Ismailia Mango Festival, the first session of the two-day event was organised by the Ismailia Governorate and the Ismailia Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with a large number of mango growers and sellers in Ismailia, Egypt’s largest mango producer.

In addition to advocating mango exports and fostering new investment and job opportunities, the festival also aims at promoting tourism in Ismailia, according to the event’s organisers.

The festival introduced popular events in the streets and public parks, in addition to outlets for exhibiting and selling mangoes at wholesale prices.

The governorate’s media office said, in a statement on Friday that, the festival aimed to attract investments to establish facilities for packaging and canning mango fruits, and producing juice, jam and other by-products.

Mango harvest season in Ismailia began in late July and will continue until late Sept.

According to the media office, the governorate produces one-third of Egypt’s mango, with a cultivated area of more than 35,612 hectares, and exported 1.4 billion U.S. dollars’ worth of mangoes and other crops over the past three years.

Source: Nam News Network

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