Election of 5 mayors for the Urban Districts of Malabo

Following the re-election of the Mayoress for Malabo Central, Maria Coloma Edjang Mbengono, a ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Provincial Government, where the Governor of Bioko Norte, Leon Elo Nchama, oversaw a meeting to elect the 5 mayors for the town halls in the urban districts of Malabo.

They are Consuelo Nchama Motu, Mayoress of the Town Hall of Urban District number 1; Roger Job Engono, Mayor of Urban District number 2; Miguel A�ngel Safin, Mayor of Urban District number 3; Joaquin Nsue Nsue Mangue, Mayor of Urban District number 4 and Quintiliano Obiang Nculu, as Mayor of Urban District number 5 of the city.

The election concluded with a swearing-in ceremony and the insignia granted to each mayor, while they declared their gratitude for the trust placed in them, and promised to continue working.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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