Election of Miss Bata, James the Apostle 2017

On 22nd July, at around 21:00, Catalina Bernardita Obiang was elected by members of the table of jurors as Miss Bata, James the Apostle 2017.

The contest began with performances by various national artists, such as Abogada de las Mujeres, Taskiel Molon, and Bor a bot. Then there was a parade of the contestants in the Alejandro MbuAa Bocamba shopping centre in the city of Bata.

In the first of the parades, the contestants wore street clothes; in the second, popo style African attire; in the third, bikinis, and in the last, ball gowns,

After the presentation, which was attended by a numerous mainly young crowd, the jury chose the candidate Prisca Concepcion Ndong Ondo as the second maid of honour, and Albertina Asue Obiang as first maid of honour, with Catalina Bernardita Obiang as champion.

The three were given prizes by the town hall of 1,000,000 Franco CFA for Miss Bata; 600,000 for the first maid of honour, and 400,000 for the second. These were presented as cheques from CCEIBANK GE.

The remaining contestants received 15,000 Franco CFA for taking part.

After the contest, Bata Town Hall paid the accommodation costs for the winners at the Hotel Federacion.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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