Electoral Register opens for elections to Chamber of Deputies, Senate and Municipalities

The registration process for the 2017 Electoral Register for elections to the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate and Municipalities has begun. The Minister for the Interior and Local Corporations reported that all people of Equatoguinean nationality over 18 years of age who have not been deprived of the right to universal suffrage can register.

Furthermore, they must have their personal identity document, passport, or failing that, be identified before the electoral table by the president of the council or neighbourhood community, or by witnesses who normally reside in the place of registration.

In the same way, Equatoguinean citizens of both sexes over 18 years of age who, meeting the established legal requirements, have their normal residence or reside continually in the constituency for a minimum of three months, can register. Also, emancipated minors and Equatoguinean citizens who, although not 18, will reach this age during the celebration of the elections.

Following registration by the elector, they will receive a provisional receipt which is not valid to vote, which will be exchanged when the polling cards are distributed. Once this distribution has taken place, the definitive lists will be presented by the General Directorate for Electoral Processes.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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