Embassy in Morocco celebrates 50th Anniversary of Independence

This celebration took place on Friday 30th November at the official residence of the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador in Rabat, and was attended by various figures from the Moroccan Government, led by the Minister for Employment and Professional Integration, Mohammed Yatim, ambassadors from various countries, friends, and the colony resident in Morocco.

In his speech, the ambassador Crisantos Obama Ondo first gave an affectionate, cordial welcome to all those present, in the name of the diplomatic and administrative staff at the Equatoguinean Diplomatic Mission, and then expressed the deepest gratitude for their welcomed presence.

The Equatorial Guinea Ambassador then used the occasion to announce the end of his Mission as Republic of Equatorial Guinea Extraordinary Plenipotentiary Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, and for that reason, thanked the people and Government of Morocco for the support and collaboration provided during his mission, while asking for the framework of collaboration to be maintained and if possible strengthened, in the interests of our two peoples and Governments. In addition, he expressed his deep feelings of friendship, sympathy, closeness and good memories towards all his ambassador colleagues.

Minutes later, Obama Ondo gave a short history of the country from 12th October 1968 to 12th October 2018; and, after highlighting the difficulties experienced by the country during the early years of independence, underlined the fact that the true process of national emancipation and the recovery of the international agenda arrived thanks to the wisdom, instruction, determination and advice of H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

A process of emancipation and national development would begin through the marked interest of the Government to strengthen national institutions, and to take realistic measures aimed at channelling a stable national democratic process, capable of guaranteeing social harmony, healthy coexistence, and the promotion of coherence between the general postulates of democracy and the idiosyncrasies of the people of Equatorial Guinea, which has facilitated the current framework of peace, stability and social cohesion in the country. This framework also emerged from the process of continual learning with regards to democratic premises through the philosophy of the Democratic Trial, together with the institutionalisation of a periodical meeting of a political nature known as the Table for National Dialogue, in which all the political forces, both internally and abroad, including civic society, and members of the diaspora, took part and intervened, in order to systematically review the national political challenges and opportunities. The VI edition was held in July 2018, to the satisfaction of all parties.

Crisantos Obama Ondo indicated that it was the moment to highlight the huge programme defined by the Government for the integrated development of the nation, outlined in the Horizonte 2020 plan, the implementation of which has led to the construction and building of social housing, hospitals, schools, drinking water supply networks, widespread electrification, and the financing of education and training programmes for human resources in various areas of national development, the level of execution of which has today reached some 80%.

Stating that thanks to the income from the exploitation of oil and natural gas in the last decades of the 50 years, and its responsible management by the Government, Equatorial Guinea is seeing an unprecedented transformation which, in addition to improving the social sector and the political climate, has also allowed a definition of the basis for the diversification of economic sources, whit the implementation of solid infrastructure projects, such as the construction of ports, airports, the paving of all national roads, and the promotion and facilitating of foreign investment in the sectors of agriculture, fishing, telecommunications, finance, tourism, hydrocarbons and mining, etc., assuring an optimum business framework, administrative advantages, and the necessary legal guarantees.

50 years have passed in 2018, crowned by active diplomacy throughout the world and a framework of relations of cooperation and exchange with international organisations, and friendship, brotherhood, solidarity and mutual respect towards friendly countries.

The ambassador also said that, as with all human endeavour, not everything had been perfect in those 50 years, with the most significant being the measures taken by the Government and all national institutions and development partners with a view to the future, in order to work in depth on the ethics for the future that continues to calmly build upon the true foundations of peace, social justice and security for the prosperity of the people.

Obama Ondo concluded by paying homage to the efforts of the two Heads of State, H.M. Mohamed VI, King of Morocco, and H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of Equatorial Guinea.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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