Embassy of Venezuela Commemorates 235th Birthday of Simon Bolivar

Like every year, the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Malabo commemorates the birthday of Simon Bolivar on 24th July. With the occasion of commemorating the 235th anniversary of the birth of the American LIberator, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela recalls the figure of the brave and visionary Venezuelan with gratitude.

Biographical data on Simon Bolivar is included in the statement sent from the diplomatic headquarters of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in our country:

Simon Jose Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad Bolivar Ponte Palacios y Blanco, known as Simon Bolivar, was born in Caracas, Captaincy General of Venezuela on 24th July 1783. He was a military and political leader in American emancipation against the Spanish Empire. In a decisive way, he contributed to the independence of countries being the Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela we know nowadays.

Bolivar visited Rome in 1805 with his teacher, Simon Rodriguez, where he took an oath in Monte Sacro: “I shall never allow my hands to be idle or my soul to rest until I have broken the shackles which bind us to Spain”. An oath which Bolivar knew how to fulfil later.

Simon Bolivar eventually became the main leader for independence and freedom from the Hispanic American colonies. He participated in the establishment of Great Colombia; a nation that he tried to consolidate as a grand political and military confederation in America, which was the president’s grand dream.

Bolivar, who received the honorary title of Liberator, is considered as the “Man of America” due to his ideas and actions, and a prominent figure in universal history, leaving an extraordinary political legacy in various Latin American countries, and worthy of the respect and honour due to his important role in history.

His name has gone down in history, and provinces, cities, education centres, avenues, streets, squares, monuments, literary texts and songs have all taken his name.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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