End of first course under Reproductive Health Programme

The headquarters of the Regional Delegation for Health and Social Welfare in Bata, saw the closing ceremony for the training workshop on Early Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Cervical-Uterine Cancer Project in Equatorial Guinea IEC CCC, aimed at communicators and presenters of social programmes from the national media.

The act was chaired by Victor Mba Micha, who in his speech declared that the Government, through the Ministry for Health and Social Welfare, in collaboration with the Nobul oil company, had organised the workshop in order to train social communicators and presenters of radio and television programmes in the Litoral capital, with the aim of supporting the campaign regarding the project.

Mba Micha said that cancer of the cervix or cervical-uterine cancer is a worldwide public health problem, which affects Third World and developing countries more. For that reason, the department of Health, through the Reproductive Health Programme, has organised this seminar to train communicators, who will then report to the population regarding the risks and prevention of this disease in educational talks, and radio and television programmes.

The final day of the workshop included the presentation of communication regarding ways and methods in dialogue, and those present put the theory received into practice.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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