End of negotiations for Equatorial Guinea adhesive cement plant

In connection with the installation of an adhesive cement plant in Equatorial Guinea, on 18th May the Evita Group signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish company Lopez Guillen Group, which has been operating in the sector since 1880, and has a presence in 56 countries.

With the signing of this collaboration agreement, the Equatoguinean entrepreneur Honorato Evita Oma concluded his business agenda in Spain.

The agreement covers, among other aspects, the analysis of the raw material originating in Equatorial Guinea in the Capa central laboratories, in collaboration with the universities of Alicante, Almeria and Murcia, for the manufacture of mortars.

The agreement also encompasses sections such as technical and technological assistance to the Evita Group in the productive processes and procedures in order to obtain European quality certificates, the specific training of Equatoguinean engineers in the manufacture of special mortars, and maintenance of the factory, together with the creation of an R+D+I (research + development + innovation) laboratory in the Evita Group factory in Equatorial Guinea, for the analysis of the raw material and quality control of the manufactured product.

After signing the agreement, Evita Oma visited the Capa factory in Alicante, where he witnessed first hand the process of adhesive cement manufacture.

The day ended with a toast and wishes for success with the business.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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