End of preliminary study of 2019 General State Budgets

On 15th November the work of the preliminary study under second reading of the Draft Law on 2019 General State Budgets, budgets for Autonomous Bodies and Para-state companies, Spending and Investments for the coming year, and the report on the execution to 30th June of the 2018 General State Budgets came to a close.

The Ad-Hoc commissions, charged with the study of these documents, focussed on agreeing on their various work reports.

These were three days of intense work, in which the Ad-Hoc commissions debated in depth the texts of draft laws, analysing the various concepts covered in the budget presentation, both at the level of income and spending forecasts, and investment for the 2019 economic period.

The preliminary studies under second reading concluded on the day, with the drawing up of reports that cover the observations and questions that they have agreed to put for consideration before the Senate Finance, Trade and Planning Permanent Commission, which in turn will submit them to the Senate Plenary session for adoption, in the event.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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