End of preliminary study on Draft General Law on Road Transport

On 12th September, the Senate Ad-Hoc Commission, overseen by Demetrio Elo Ndong Nsefumu, adopted the report resulting from the preliminary study and analysis of the Draft General Law on Road Transport.

The report resulting from the preliminary study was revised and corrected, with a view to taking it for consideration before the Senate table, for processing. It covers all the observations, contributions, amendments and modifications in form and substance added by members of the sub-commission during their work.

The document also included the proposal for the Government to appear before the Permanent Commission on Infrastructure, Communications, Transport and New Technology, in order to clarify any doubts and concerns raised during the preliminary viewing of the draft law.

Within the Ad-Hoc Commission a sub-commission was created, made up of three senators, charged with adapting and reformulating the content of the preamble, together with the outline of the reasons for the draft law. The modifications by the commission members were admitted for consideration, and will be included in the report to be submitted for consideration by the Senate table.

Source: Senate Press Office

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