Equatoguinean Academy for the Spanish Language presents its programme to PDGE

The director of the Regional Antenna of the Equatoguinean Academy for the Spanish Language (AEGLE), Juan Bautista Osubita, was received in audience on 11th April by the president of the District Council of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE), Exuperancio Ndong Nzo, to present the institution’s programme.

The AEGLE is an academic, cultural, apolitical institution created under Presidential Decree No. 163/2013, of 8th October, and has its headquarters in Malabo. It has the powers, in accordance with its statutes, to open delegations when and where it considers it to be opportune.

The academy has three main aims: “to boost the cultivation of the Spanish language in Equatorial Guinea; spread the most relevant literary writings in the Spanish language; promote the enrichment and the good of Spanish in the country; create and maintain bookshops and libraries specialising in Hispanoguinean languages, cultures and societies; organise literary competitions, and develop any other activities in line with the achievement of their objectives”, as stated by Juan Bautista Osubita, in his meeting with Ndong Nzi.

It is made up of eighteen academics, in a structure composed of a board of directors and a plenary meeting. It also includes honorary academics and correspondents. Its motto is: “One Language, One Destiny”.

In order to implement its programmes and projects a network of collaborators has been created, which deals with the monitoring of the situation regarding Spanish in each of the territorial areas in the country, in order to intervene in its promotion thorough three actions:

1. Through its identification and rescue, as only what is known can be promoted.

2. Through the gathering, analysis and cataloguing of data, which implies an understanding of the essential role of native languages in the process, in their condition as supports for thoughts and values.

3. Through a discussion and criticism of these values, regarding their scope and position in the creation of a common identity and destiny.

For his part, Exuperancio Ndong Nzi thanked the director of the AEGLE Regional Antenna for the information and praised the initiative of the academy.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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