Equatoguinean delegation takes part in Pan-African Parliament Summit on AIDS

From 11th July, the Republic of Congo is hosting the Pan-African Parliament Summit on the financing of the programme to fight HIV/AIDS and other endemics afflicting the continent.

The work is taking place at the International Conference Centre in Kintele, in the presence of the First Lady of Congo, Antoinette Sassou.

The ceremony began with words of thanks from the mayoress of the community of Kintele, Stella Mensah Sassou Nguessou.

In order to bring about the Millennium Goals, the president of the Pan-African Parliament, Roger Nkodo, underlined the involvement of all parliaments, as the legislative bodies, and the concern that government invest more funds in the fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other illnesses that afflict our continent.

At the summit, the first of this nature, those gathered aim, among other things, to put an end to the HIV/AIDS epidemic before 2030. As a consequence, the ministries for Health and Finance from each member State of the African Union, each from its sphere of influence, must be highly involved in the cause of health in Africa.

The president of the National Assembly of the Republic of Congo, Isidore Mvouba, in addition to praising his counterparts for their honoured presence at the summit, also pointed out the importance given by his institution to matters of public health.

A senior delegation from Equatorial Guinea is taking part in the debates, in the capacity of special guests, led by the senator Antonio-Javier Nguema Nchama, representing the President of the Senate, Teresa Efua Asangono.

The summit will last two days, and is being attended by parliamentarians, ministers for Finance and Health, bodies from the United Nations, civil society.

Through this summit, UNAIDS and other Pan-African bodies want to collect more funds for the fight against these epidemics.

The ceremony concluded with a play about AIDS in Africa.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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