Equatorial Guinea: an engine in motion

This is the title of the international report on our country which has been published in some of the most influential newspapers in the world. It includes an exclusive interview with the Head of State, who states: “There are some ‘circles of pressure’ that do not like the prosperity of Equatorial Guinea, and what they do is present a negative and distorted image of our country.” We include this information in the full report attached.

The report “Equatorial Guinea: an engine in motion” shows the important economic and social development of our country as well as the deployment of Equatorial Guinean companies and industry in recent times. It also includes an exclusive and interesting interview with the Head of State, in which the President expressed the importance of our country being the only Spanish-speaking nation in the African continent, and explains the transformation of our country: “Equatorial Guinea has changed a lot since its independence in 1968, the Freedom Coup in 1979 and the start of oil production in 1995. The facts are there, you just have to check.” The publication, as one of its main objectives, shows the rapid economic development of Equatorial Guinea and the opportunities to do business and invest in the country.

The report was produced and distributed by Ibatin New Century Media & Globus Vision in some of the most prestigious international newspapers and journals, such as American Economy, Newsweek, Le Figaro Magazine and Washington Times. On Tuesday, February 3, it was also published in the newspaper ABC of Spain.

You can access the full contents of the report in the attached document.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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