Equatorial Guinea and France plan to redouble efforts in Defence sector

H. E. Nguema Obiang Mangue applauds the work of the French Government in its efforts to contain insurrections in Africa.

The Vice President of the Republic conveyed these congratulations to the special envoy of the French Head of State and Director General for Africa and the Indian Ocean from the French Government’s Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Christophe Bigot, at the meeting that the two figures held on Monday at the headquarters of the Equatoguinean State.

The senior French delegation is in Equatorial Guinea with the aim of strengthening the traditional relations of friendship and cooperation that unite the two countries, with particular attention to the military sector.

During the meeting, President Emanuel Macron’s special envoy also expressed to Nguema Obiang Mangue the desire of the French Government to redouble its cooperation with Equatorial Guinea for the sake of the health and protection of biodiversity, in addition to developing a fluid relationship in financial matters

Malabo and Paris have maintained excellent friendship and cooperation ties for several decades. The two administrations intend to combine their efforts this year in order to further increase their surveillance in the Gulf of Guinea area through the Subregional Naval School.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government

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