Equatorial Guinea and Morocco sign sports press agreements

Following several months of negotiations, the Equatorial Guinea Sports Press Federation and the Moroccan Sports Press Association reached an agreement this weekend, covering training in the fields of production, execution and organisation of sporting events, writing and voice-over, photography, marketing, news media management and press officers, in addition to consultancy, etc.
The signing took place in Rome during the 84th Congress of the International Sports Press Association. David Monsuy Ndong, President of the Equatorial Guinea Sports Press Federation, was accompanied by his staff.
The agreement came into force on the day of signing and the parties reaffirmed their determination to work together.
In the coming months, the Equatorial Guinea Sports Press Federation, in its programme of international expansion and training for its members, will carry out the same exercise in Spain, Guinea Conakry, Gabon, Cameroon, Senegal, Honduras and China.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government

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