Equatorial Guinea and Tunisia declare an interest in strengthening ties of friendship

This is what emerged from the meeting held on the morning of 20th April, in the capital of Tunisia, between the accredited Equatorial Guinea Plenipotentiary Extraordinary Ambassador Morocco with jurisdiction in Tunisia, Crisantos Obama Ondo, and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs from the Republic of Tunisia, Sabri Bachtobji.

Described as cordial by the parties. the meeting served as a framework for the Equatorial Guinea Representative to pass on to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs from the Republic of Tunisia the greetings of the Equatorial Guinea Head of State, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, to the Tunisian Government and people, for having regained peace and stability, highlighting the Equatoguinean desire to strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation that have existed between the two Governments for several decades.

Equatorial Guinea appreciates moves by Tunisia in various sectors, such as new information and communication technologies, trade and agriculture. The wish of my country is to strengthen cooperation in these sectors”, indicated the ambassador, before recognising the existence of good training institutions in various branches of engineering, and the desire to open a source of grants for Equatorial Guinea students.

For his part, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, after highlighting the special feeling his country has for Equatorial Guinea in its determination to maintain peace, and the fight to develop its economy in a sustainable manner, underlined the need to renew exchanges at a senior level, in order to provide renewed impetus for previously signed agreements, and to define new areas for cooperation.

The Republic of Tunisia is one of the few countries in the world in which any Equatorial Guinea citizen, with any type of passport, may enter without the need for a visa. The Equatorial Guinea Ambassador expressed his gratitude to the Tunisian authorities for this measure.

The meeting was also attended by the Director General of Political and Economic Affairs and Cooperation for Africa and the African Union, Karim Ben Becher.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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