Equatorial Guinea attends meeting of Commission on Women and Peace

On Wednesday 28th February, representatives from various countries on the committee gathered at the headquarters of the United Nations Organisation (UN), looked at the immediate action that must be taken for the protection of women, with various speakers coinciding that the female gender is essential for achieving peace in conflict zones.

During the meeting, the delegation from the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, led by the Minister Adviser to the Security Council, Susana Edjang Mangue, posed some questions leading towards better coordination of the committee, in relation to the member States.

This is one of the UN Commissions which meets periodically to look at matters relating to the role of women in conflict zones, in order to seek mechanisms which help to stabilise the situation in difficult situations.

According to this committee, women continue to suffer from vulnerability which is increasing, due in part to the fact that the various social platforms are not fully involved in putting an end to this situation. However, the efforts of Governments in putting into practice awareness-raising programmes promoting equality between the sexes is recognised, and the implementation of actions through which women play an increasingly more important role.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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