Equatorial Guinea congratulated Iraqi Government and international community for overthrow of ISIL

The Equatorial Guinea Ambassador Permanent Representative before the United Nations, Anatolio Ndong Mba, representing the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, spoke at the meeting held on 20th February of the Security Council, in relation to the latest report issued by UNAMI on the situation in Iraq. Equatorial Guinea praised the overthrow of ISIL, and underlined the need to continue to work on the challenges which remain.

Equatorial Guinea spoke for the first time in reference to the situation in Iraq, and took the opportunity to express most sincere congratulations to the Iraqi Government and the coalition of forces from the international community, for having made the defeat of Terrorist Group ISIL (ISIS) and the liberation of the entire Iraqi territory possible. At the same time, he declared his complete solidarity with the numerous losses in human life and all the suffering of the Iraqi people.

Furthermore, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea congratulated the Government of Kuwait, for holding and supporting the Donors Conference, in order to raise funds for the reconstruction of Iraq, and the initiative launched by the General Secretary, consisting in the establishment of the United Nations Programme for Recovery and Resistance in Iraq.

However, Equatorial Guinea pointed out that there were still challenges for the Iraqi people, such as the persistent tension between the central Government of Iraq and the Regional Government of Kurdistan; the constant risk that ISIL will continue to launch attacks; the deplorable humanitarian situation, and the legislative elections set for 12th May.

Faced with this, Equatorial Guinea has called on the Government and people of Iraq, and the international community, to remain united in order that the victory achieved against ISIL becomes “irreversible”, and so that the upcoming legislative elections are held in an atmosphere of peace and unity.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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