Equatorial Guinea dissolution of the Citizens for Innovation (CI) party and condemnation of 21 militants

We are publishing the article written by Paloma Abeso in the digital publication “La Otra Voz” (https://m.laotravoz.info/Guinee-Equatoriale-Dissolution-du-parti-Citoyens-pour-l-Innovation-CI-et-condamnation-de-21-militants_a2777.html ) in relation to the dissolution of the Citizens for Innovation party and the case of Ramon Nse Esono.

Explanation of the final judgement in the proceedings concerning the militants (CI) detained for aggression against law enforcement agencies.

Contrary to the digressions issued by various international media organisations who estimate at over one hundred the number of militants condemned within the framework of the proceedings resulting from aggressions against law enforcement agencies during the legislative, municipal and senate elections, it follows that the militants condemned who distinguished themselves in a negative manner were from the Citizens for Innovation (CI) party, and they have answered for their actions before justice, with only 21 militants from this party being condemned to 30 years in prison, with the main consequence being the dissolution of the Citizens for Innovation political grouping.

The leaders of this party did not demonstrate the rules of civility and good conduct during the electoral period. They failed in the way they adopted the language of violence and hate, which was put into practice by fanatical, aggressive militants lacking in respect for the established order, and seriously hurt some State authorities. Currently, the media organisations speaking of 147 detentions are confused, in the sense that when speaking about Equatorial Guinea, some exaggeration is commonplace. The sentence passed is in reality a call for order, given that Equatorial Guinea is a sovereign country. And it is unacceptable that militants from a political party act physically against the law enforcement agencies with impunity.

The creation of a political party is a huge responsibility to the extent that the actions of its militants may have irreversible consequences on the operations of a political party, especially its dissolution, as has demanded the public prosecutor of the Republic in his allegations of aggravating actions.

Finally, his speech partly convinced the judges. The dissolution of this party should give cause for reflection to all leaders in favour of the debate on ideas. Even in politics, respect is paramount, and individual freedoms must be enjoyed which fully respecting current laws.

H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, through his unfailing love for his people, will not let them complete their sentences. He will find a way to free them when the chance arises, above all through his capacity to pardon. Above all, for those who have learned their lesson!

With this impetus, the caricaturist Ramon Nse Esono Ebale, was freed following preventive detention of five months. Despite the exhaustive investigations carried out, there is a lack of evidence allowing him to be condemned. He was accused of money laundering and the use of false documents, after the sum of money of one million France CFA was found at his house. This caricaturist turned it into a conspiracy because, according to him, his caricatures against current powers are the cause of his concerns.

Who was going to say that, when there is no charge against an individual, he would be freed systematically. This shows in a country that there is independent impartial justice.

What violation of rights are the French socialists talking about in Equatorial Guinea? Where were they to condemn the aggression against the law enforcement agencies by hysterical militants?

It would be better for them to think about rebuilding the French Socialist Party, which in the latest presidential elections returned a terrible result and has since then been the laughing stock of everyone!

The same is happening with the European Union, where double standards are applied when dealing with news regarding Equatorial Guinea; this institution condemns automatically, without first looking into the matter.

It seems that the established aim is the destabilisation of one of the most stable countries in Africa.

Despite this, some African countries are destroyed by tribal wars and misery, with serious violations of human rights, such as Libya, Central African Republic and RDC; not forgetting the deaths caused by the serious conflicts following political violence in Togo and Guinea Conakry. We see that the European Union has not said anything with respect to such serious deeds. When dealing with the condemnation of militants from a political party in Equatorial Guinea, militants that physically attacked the law enforcement agents, this institution cries to the heavens, while these acts could also be condemned in the countries of the European Union. We easily understand that their desire is to see Equatorial Guinea ruined and submerged in total chaos, so that they may become the owners. Unfortunately for them, I doubt that this will happen.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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