Equatorial Guinea prepares for World Telecommunications Day

On 11th April, the Minister for Transport, the Postal Service and Telecommunications, Eucario Bacale Angue, met telecommunications companies operating in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, to look at the celebration of World Telecommunications and Information Society Day, which is held on 17th May.

To mark the occasion, the head of Transport, at his meeting with telecommunications companies, looked at the organisation of the world day with representatives from the institutions.

The minister designated a commission composed of the Director General for Telecommunications; the Deputy Director General from the Management of Equatorial Guinea Telecommunications Infrastructures (GITGE), and the technical director of the Regulatory Body for Telecommunications in Equatorial Guinea (ORTEL), in order to draw up a strategic plan for the celebration of the event.

In addition, he used the occasion to congratulate the bodies for the effort and work employed daily in their tasks.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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