Equatorial Guinea presents products at Economics and Trade Exhibition

On 28th June the various stands from the different African countries taking part in the China-Africa Economics and Trade Exhibition officially opened.

Equatorial Guinea displayed various agricultural products, such as cocoa, coconut and palm kernel oil, fruit juices and peanuts and pumpkins, among others.

The stand, occupying some 64m�, presented through video and photos the true image of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, which many have described as one of the most attractive countries in Africa. The stand was visited by over 500 people on the day.

Some of the representatives from companies operating in our country, such as Holding, Sonagas, Gecotel, the Terramadre Cooperative and the Evita Group gave the visitors all the necessary details regarding the presented products, and the necessary information regarding the advantages offered by Equatorial Guinea for investment from foreign companies.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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