Equatorial Guinea soon to have adhesive cement factory

The entrepreneur Honorato Evita Oma has held various working sessions in Madrid, accompanied by a group of engineers including Javier Esono Bayeme and Adolfo Ndong Miaga. They all attended the final phase of manufacture of the machinery for the adhesive cement factory.

The meetings were held at the headquarters of the companies Sotecma and Enesval, with the aim of assisting during the final manufacturing phase for the machinery for the adhesive cement factory project, which is being executed in Equatorial Guinea by the Evita Group, with technical and technological assistance from the Spanish company CAPA.

The working sessions culminated in a visit to the factories, where it was possible to see the advanced state of production for the latest-generation machinery acquired by the Evita Group, to be run by Equatoguinean engineers from the petroleum sector, who are currently receiving specific training in Madrid.

With the commissioning of this industrial unit, Equatorial Guinea will become the number one producer of adhesive cement in the sub-region, with European quality standards, due to the purity of the raw material, as confirmed by the European laboratory, Loemco.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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