Equatorial Guinea strengthens cooperation with Organisation of Ibero-American States

Ana Paula Laborinho, Director of the Office of the Organisation of Ibero-American States (OEI) in Portugal, received in audience the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to Portugal, also accredited before the CPLP, Tito Mba Ada, who was assisted by the adviser from the embassy, Arsenio Moro Malonga, in order to strengthen cooperation with our country.

During the meeting, the Equatoguinean diplomat outlined the situation of Equatorial Guinea within the organisation, and expressed the willingness of our Government to participate, as a full member, in the ministerial meetings and Ibero-American summits of Heads of State.

According to the Ambassador Tito Mba Ada, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, as the only country belonging to both the CPLP and the OEI, could be the epicentre for extending and strengthening this triangular cooperation in Africa.

The OEI is an government organisation between Ibero-American countries operating within the fields of education, science, technology and culture, with the aim of achieving integrated development, greater democracy, and regional integration. Its structure is composed of a General Assembly as its highest body, made up of official delegations of the highest level from member States (it is also the legislative body, and sets the policies to be implemented by the organisation).

It also has an Executive Council, made up of ministers for Education from the Member states, and their representatives, and a General Secretariat, which is the permanent body and assumes the execution of programmes and projects, and the tasks of representing the body before Governments and institutions.

The OEI office in Lisbon was opened on 5th January 2018, with the aim of promoting specific projects in education, science and culture, and developing actions which unite Portuguese-speaking countries, from the point of view that languages, when linked to innovation and science, are a huge force and can lead to a huge leap in quality.

Equally, the office will bring this community closer to Europe, recognising networking as one of the mechanisms of the contemporary world.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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