Equatorial Guinea suspends flights by Boeing 737-8 MAX in its air space

On 12th march Equatorial Guinea joined the temporary decision taken by China, Indonesia and Mongolia, among other States, to suspend flights using the Boeing 737-8 MAX by airlines, following a short audience that the Vice-President, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, granted to the Vice-Minister for Civil Aviation and senior representatives from ASECNA.

Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and now Equatorial Guinea, were the latest countries to adopt the decision that on 11th March was taken by Ethiopia, China, Indonesia and Mongolia, among others, to ground all aircraft of this model; a decision taken as a result of the tragic accident which happened to an Ethiopian Airline flight on Sunday 10th , in which 157 passengers lost their lives.

Alfredo Abeso Nvono Onguene, representing the Vice-President, after sending his condolences to the affected families, said on television that this decision was a preventive measure that the country had adopted.

For his part, the Vice-Minister for Civil Aviation indicated that Equatorial Guinea had adopted the international preventive measure in order not to have to lament human losses in the near future.

The accident that happened in Ethiopia is the second in the world involving a B737-8 MAX; a plane featuring the latest aeronautical technology, which is now staining the image of one of the most prestigious and traditional airlines in Africa.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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