Equatorial Guinea takes part in 40th Ordinary Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council

A delegation led by Alfonso Nsue Mokuy and including the Minister for Justice, Worship and Penitentiary Institutions, Salvador Ondo Ncumu, attended the work of the 40th Session to speak before the council, in order to report to all UN member countries on the efforts made by Equatorial Guinea regarding human rights.

Nsue Mokuy, in his speech, highlighted the achievements and progress, beginning with the call for national Dialogue last year, the organisation of the International Symposium on Human Rights and the Civic Society, the amnesty for prisoners on the anniversary of national sovereignty, the reduction in the cost of social housing, the drawing up of a National Report for the Universal Periodic Review, the call for the Third National Economic Conference, and the Government’s National Plan to Fight Human Trafficking, among others.

Accompanying the Third Vice Prime Minister of the Government were the Ambassador and Permanent representative before the United nations and Other International Organisations based in Geneva, Lazaro Ekua Avomo, and the Director General for Human Rights, Manuel Mba Nchama.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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