Equatorial Guinea takes part in ACP Group Council of Ministers

A delegation from Equatorial Guinea, led by the Minister for Trade, Pastor Micha Ondo Bile, was working in Brussels this week, where he was received at the airport by the embassy team, to attend the 109th Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group (ACP) Council of Ministers, which concluded on 21st May.

The important dialogue body for the group mainly focussed in the 109th edition on the future of the partnership between the ACP and the European Union. The two blocks of countries signed in 2000 the Cotonou Agreement, which since then has been the general framework for relations between the EU and ACP countries.

Before it ends, in 2020, the bodies are looking for a way to continue with trade, economic, political and development relations. Following the Lome Convention of 1975 and Cotonou of 2000, a new partnership between the two blocks of countries is expected to be signed in Samoa.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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