Equatorial Guinea to host next Gas Exporting Countries Forum in 2019

The President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who attends the summit, declared the willingness and organisational capacity of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to host important summits such as the next forum, which will be held in 2019 in the capital of the nation, Malabo, as was decided during one of the session.

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GEFC) is an organisation created in 2001, with headquarters in Doha, Qatar, and holds its conference every two years. Following the III held in Tehran, the Plurinational Republic of Bolivia held the IV edition this Friday 24th.

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea, as a member country of the organisation, took part in the event through an important delegation led by the President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, and various Government ministers, chiefs, and leaders from the hydrocarbons sector in our country.

Over seventeen delegations from member countries, observers and guests made the trip to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, to speak about the promotion of the sovereignty of natural gas resources, the promotion of stability in the market, an improvement in the transfer of technology between member countries, and the positioning of the GEFC on a global level as a leading trusted authority on natural gas, and the trading price of gas on the international market.

To do this, the President of Bolivia, H. E. Evo Morales Ayma, besides thanking the gas producing countries for choosing his nation for the forum, declared his hopes that the results of this meeting would benefit trading countries and consumers.

H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the first to speak following the opening words from his host counterpart, said that the presence of the Equatoguinean delegation was due to the desire to share the progress and objectives achieved in the exportation of gas with the core organisation.

The modern world and globalisation force us to work together; for that reason, forums of this type allow the participating peoples to examine together in order to take full advantage of the natural resources that God has given to our peoples”, affirmed the leader of the nation, while thanking the Russian Government and other powers for their fruitful contributions to the sector.

The GEFC is responsible for 42% of gas production, holds 70% of global reserves, controls 40% of distribution through gas pipelines, and is involved in 65% of liquid natural gas trading on an global level.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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