Equatorial Guinea to play Women’s CAN TOTAL Ghana 2018

This huge success was achieved by Gustavo Ndong Edu, president of FEGUIFUT, who managed to ensure that Nzalang Women were readmitted to play in the upcoming CAN TOTAL Ghana 2018, after a consideration of the allegations presented by the Equatoguinean Federation.

After the proof submitted by the FEGUIFUT on the complaint for the supposed illegal inclusion of players lodged by Kenya and Cameroon against Equatorial Guinea, the CAF annulled its previous decision that eliminated Nzalang Women from the CAN TOTAL Ghana 2018 tournament. The Equatorial Guinea reds will thus take the place of Kenya, and will play against teams from Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia in the group stage.

The news came this morning at a press conference given by the president of FEGUIFUT, Gustavo Ndong Edu Akumu, “It was not easy, but we had to demonstrate the legitimacy of the matter. My executive board and I worked from the day the news arrived, so that our women’s team could take part in the Africa Cup, and thanks to God we managed it. It brings us joy that we can share with the people of Equatorial Guinea”.

The situation began on 9th October with the arrival of a letter from CAF which spoke about the illegal selection of the Equatoguinean player, Annette Jacky. On 14th another document arrived from CAF informing the Federation of the colours their national sides should use, assuming that the team would be playing the tournament and, surprisingly, on 17th , the notification arrived that Equatorial Guinea had been suspended, and would not be able to take part in the Ghana 2018 CAN. With the arrival of the good news, Ndong Edu dedicated a few words of encouragement to lovers of the national game.

“To all those members of the population that were disappointed, lacking the possibility to applaud the women’s team, and anxious to see the captain on the field, we are inviting you to get back your supporting spirit. We need our fans to return with the energy that is so characteristic. We have been readmitted, and we must support our girls at the upcoming CAN in Ghana”.

With the readmission of Equatorial Guinea, the team from Kenya will not be in the competition, and the Equatoguinean Women reds will face Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia in the group stage.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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