Equatorial Guinea to take part in five prominent summits during General Assembly 74th Period of Sessions

This year, together with the speeches by leaders that will allow the pulse of the international political, social and economic situation to be taken, there will be five large summits which will cover many of the key issues currently facing the planet, including: the climate action summit, the universal health cover summit, the summit to achieve the sustainable development goals, the summit on the financing of development, and fifth, the summit in support of Small Island Developing States.

With respect to climate, the UN General Secretary, Antonio Guterres, called the Climate Action Summit, which will be held on 23rd September in order to promote measures to fight this phenomenon, created by the hand of man, by asking countries to comply with the commitments made regarding a reduction in global warming as part of the Paris Agreement in 2015.

On the same day as the Climate Action Summit, there will be the first top level meeting to achieve Universal health Cover, under the banner “Together towards the construction of a healthier world” which, according to UN chiefs, will be the most important event ever held on the recognition of this Human Right.

Furthermore, the 2030 Agenda is the most ambitious commitment reached for the transformation of our world, the promotion of prosperity, and an assurance of well-being for all, through protecting the environment.

Moreover, the top level meeting on Financing for Development will be held on 26th September, bringing together Government leaders and the business and financial sector in an attempt to release resources and collaboration which is necessary to accelerate progress and the achievement of goals.

Finally, the last of the five summits is the review of the Modes of Accelerated Action for the Small Island Developing States., which takes place every five years, following the development of an ambitious plan to support the sustainable development of this type of State, which are among the most vulnerable in the world.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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