Equatorial Guinean delegation takes a study trip to Colombia

From March 15 to 22, 2015, an official delegation from the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Public Investment traveled to the Republic of Colombia to participate in a study trip organized by the World Bank under the Technical Assistance Agreement in Strengthening the Public Investment System and Monitoring of the Equatorial Guinea Horizon 2020 National Plan, signed by the Guinean Government and the aforementioned bank on April 12, 2014.

The organizer of the mission was Carolina Renteria, leading World Bank economist and project manager, former Director of the National Planning Department of Colombia, equivalent to the Ministry of Planning in the Latin American country.

The Equatorial Guinean delegation was composed of the Secretary of State for the Equatorial Guinea Horizon 2020 Program, Cesar Augusto Mba Abogo; the Director General of Investment, Hipolito Ondo Envo; the Director General of the National Agency Equatorial Guinea 2020 (ANGE 2020); Nicolas Fernando Okiri Abaha; the National Coordinator of the Project for Strengthening Public Investment System and Monitoring of the National Plan Equatorial Guinea Horizon 2020, Magdalena Ava Bosaka; and the Head of Sectoral Economic Studies ANGE 2020, Santiago Obama Benga.

The objective of the mission was to gather experience in public expenditure management and monitoring of Government goals and sectoral policies, from the review of the Colombian experience in the following areas: (1) institutional frameworks in which practical planning and budgeting and public investment spending take place; as well as monitoring of the development plan and the priorities of the public policy of the Government; (2) the conceptual basis on which these management systems are built; (3) techniques, routines and methodologies that advance the civil servants in expenditure budgeting, investment and monitoring goals; and (4) lessons and cases of successful application of these systems in Colombia. In the post-conflict scenario, the Latin American country has managed to deploy mechanisms strengthening economic competitiveness and social inclusion, based on modern information systems for programming and monitoring of public policies.

During its stay in Colombia, the Equatorial Guinean delegation met with officials of the National Planning Department, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit; the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communication; the Department of Social Prosperity; the Colombian Agency for International Cooperation and the Economic Analysis “Think Tank”, Fedesarrollo.

In addition to technical seminars, the Equatorial Guinea delegation met with Colombian authorities, which include the Technical Vice Minister of Finance, Andres Escobar; the Director General of Investment and Public Finance at the DNP, Jose Mauricio Cuestas Gómez; the Director of National Public Budgets, Fernando Gimenez; the Director General of the Colombian Agency for International Cooperation, Alejandro Gamboa Castilla, and Deputy Director General of Fedesarrollo, Natalia Salazar.

It should be noted that from the Colombian side, specifically from the Colombian Agency for International Cooperation, this mission was described as the first formal rapprochement between the governments of both countries to lay the foundations for a South-to-South cooperation between the two nations.

Source: ANGE 2020
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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