Ethiopia’s foreign affairs and internal security policies are helping to intensify regional economic integration, says a senior official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

The policies enabled neighbouring countries in the Horn of Africa to increase their development co-operation with Ethiopia and strengthen economic integration, says the Acting Director of the Ministry’s Border Crossing Resources Affairs division, Zerihun Abebe, who mentioned the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam ss one of the fruits of the policy.

The policy would above all encourage the countries in the region to develop together in a better way, he said. “The core of Ethiopia’s foreign affairs policy is peace, development and democracy,” Zerihun pointed out, adding that the country was also giving priority to bringing positive change in neighbouring countries.

In view of this, Ethiopia will continue pursuing its goal of making the Horn of Africa a region of peace and development by doing away with the prevailing instability, he elaborated.

He further pointed out that Ethiopia’s effort to realize mutual benefit by developing Nile River resources as a typical manifestation of this endeavour.

The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is among the major development projects which would facilitate economic integration of the region, he said, adding that the dam, which would be the largest hydro-electric power project on the continent when completed, would not only benefit the riparian countries directly involved but also other neighbouring countries.

Beyond making neighbouring countries benefit from greater availability of energy, the dam would also play crucial role for economic integration and co-operation, Zerihun added.


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