Everything ready for the first phase of the trials of the vaccine against malaria

Between January 12 and 22 in the city of Luba the Conference on the Research Protocol Review for the First Phase of a Trial of the Malaria Vaccine took place. Once this conference was over, in a few days the historic trial of the vaccine will begin with a series of injections to assess the product’s safety, before the inoculation of 33 selected volunteers.

The process of the Equatorial Guinean participation in the creation of an effective vaccine against malaria is continuing unabated. Last January, a new and important step was taken with the organization of the Conference on the Research Protocol Review to be applied during the first phase of the trials of the vaccine.

The program included, on January 12 and 13, a training phase regarding the process of reviewing a research protocol, among other issues. This part was conducted by Dr. Jim Campbell, professor of Pediatric Diseases of the University of Maryland (United States) and Vice Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Center for Vaccine Development at the same university.

On January 16, the main researcher of this vaccine, Dr. Salim Abdulla (Director of the Institute for Health Research of Ifakara, in Tanzania), was presented to the full Ethics Committee of Equatorial Guinea. This presentation allows a direct interaction between the main researcher and the committee members, which generated an interesting round of questions and answers.

From January 17 to 22, the process of reviewing and drafting a report on the subject took place. Finally, on the last day, there was a ceremony of delivery, in which the approval letter was read “to perform the trial at the La Paz Medical Center of Sipopo, with volunteers from the district town of Baney and Rebola.” This letter emphasizes the need for the developers to provide information to the committee about”the beginning of carrying out the study and report within the time limits.”

With this approval, the study is expected to begin in the coming weeks, by applying a series of injections to assess the product’s safety, before inoculation of 33 volunteers selected in these two communities.

Source and photos: Marathon and Initiative of the Malaria Vaccine in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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