Exam for grants to study in People’s Republic of China

After passing the first exam set by the National Grants Coordination Commission, the 93 students selected attended the second exam conducted by the People’s Republic of China Embassy in Malabo, to chose the 50 people who will receive grants offered this year to the Government of Equatorial Guinea by the Asian country.

The test place on the morning of Thursday 15th March, at the headquarters of the embassy. Before entering the hall, those selected went through identity checks, and then sat the exam, which consisted of a written section and an interview.

The contents of the exam focussed on knowledge of the People’s Republic of China, the applicants’ motivation to study in the country, and general knowledge. Those who pass will be able to choose the degree they wish to study.

According to embassy sources, it is hoped that in the future there are more Equatoguineans who opt for these grants.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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