Executive Board meeting at Ministry for Fishing and Water Resources

On 10th December, the Minister for Fishing and Water Resources, Adoracion Salas Chonco, oversaw the executive board meeting in the meeting room at the ministry, assisted by the Vice-minister, the Secretary of State, director generals, the general secretary, and the inspector from the department.

A total of six points were covered during the day; the reading and approval, in the event, of the draft minutes from the previous session; a reading of the agenda from the Presidency of the Government, dated 28th March, determining the functions delegated to the members of the Government by the ministry.

They also spoke about compliance with the general regulations for all Government members, following the modelling of the same, and on the report on the situation of the macro-projects by the ministry, such as the tuna factory in Bata and Malabo, and the BADEA project.

Finally, they studied the examination of the functional organigram of director generals and any other business.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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