Executive Board meeting at Ministry for Transport

On 21st February, the Minister for Transport, the Postal Service and Telecommunications, Eucario Bakale Angue Owana, oversaw the first executive board meeting of the year in one of the meeting rooms at the Ministry for Mines and Hydrocarbons.

The Minister was accompanied by the Deputy Minister, the vice-Minister, the secretaries of State and director generals from the various departments at the Ministry for Transport.

The work began with an analysis of the agenda and its adoption, and continued with the various points to consider, such as: the reading and approval of the minutes from 5th September 2018, read by the general secretary.

Then the study and approval was presented of the ORTEL and GTGE Telecommunications Tariff Regulations; the study and approval of the ORTEL interconnection and the study and approval of the Taxation Regulations for the ORTEL telecommunications sector.

Finally the presentation and approval of projects also took place: the Project for Public Transport and the General Directorate for transport; the presentation of the Regulations for the Application of the Law on Land Transport (presented by the General Directorate for Transports); presentation of the Draft Decree for the Creation of the National Maritime Company (presented by the Secretary of State for transport), and the Regulations on Powers and functions of the ORTEL executive bodies (presented by the Secretary for Telecommunications).

The meeting concluded with any other business.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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