Executive coordination meeting at Ministry for Information

The Executive at the Ministry for Information, Press and Radio met on Thursday 21st June, to look at the four points on the agenda for the meeting. The meeting, which was coordinated by the departmental chief, Eugenio Nze Obiang, took place in the meeting room at the headquarters in Malabo II.

Accompanied by the Vice-Minister, Virgilio Seriche Riloha, and the secretaries of State, Miguel Antonio Obiang Avoro and Jose Mba Obama Bendomo, the Minister for Information, Press and Radio, Eugenio Nze Obiang, held a meeting for over seven hours with the director generals, and heads of areas and sections, in order to look at the four points on the agenda, which were read out by the General Secretary, Santos Oba Obama.

Among the points examined were the coordination of the action plans to provide effective and efficient media coverage of the celebration of the Table for National dialogue between the Government and political parties, which will take place from 16th to 21st June; the VIII Forum of the Friends of Obiang Movement (MAO), and the 39th Anniversary of the Equatorial Guinea Freedom Coup, from 31st July to 4th August.

In relation to these points, the council looked at the draft budgets and working plans for before, during and after these national events. The potential of the technical and professional personnel, and the material to be used, was another of the areas examined.

At the same meeting, which was attended by presidential advisers from the department, the director generals presented the meeting with their working plans for these events, and their action plans for the rest of the year.

They also debated the holding of a round table with respect to the dialogue between the Government and political parties. The council suggested that the first interview be held on 5th July, with the inclusion of a significant number of political parties and activists.

Finally, the minister Nze Obiang praised the entire working team for the effort employed daily, aimed at improving the services of the department. Along the same lines, the minister highlighted the importance of harmony among the director generals and subordinates, in order to achieve the objectives outlined by the Government.

Respect for the administrative hierarchy, the handling of legal provisions that govern the services of an administration, and the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of television in Equatorial Guinea were some of the other issues examined.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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