Executive Council meeting at Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The executive at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, overseen by the departmental minister, Simeon Esono Oyono Angue, met to deal with matters such as the implementation of the Access Course to the Diplomatic Service Special Corps, and the celebration of the ambassadors’ conference under the slogan “50 years of diplomacy”, and placing Equatorial Guinea within the international context, were some of the matters covered on the afternoon of 8th August.

During the Executive Council meeting, they also dealt with the proposal to ratify the agreements and conventions signed by the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, for subsequent presentation before higher authorities.

The members of the diplomatic headquarters also put on the table the working plans for each mission abroad, the status of the bilateral relations between Equatorial Guinea and the destination country, the experience of our country as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, and the strategies to me implemented in order to improve relations between Equatorial Guinea and the international community.

The minister Oyono Angue, together with the National University of Equatorial Guinea, will launch the celebration of the Access Course to the Diplomatic Service Special Corps, aimed at young people who have carried out their roles in a praiseworthy manner within the ministerial department, for their assignation to a diplomatic and consular career. This training mainly includes aspects related to diplomatic and consular law, public international law, and international relations and diplomatic immunity.

At the meeting they also examined cooperation agreements between Equatorial Guinea, Yibuti and Portugal, the reciprocal exemption for visas on the diplomatic passports between Malabo and Moscow, the Kinshasa Convention, on the control of small and light arms, and an examination and analysis of the draft law on the foreign service in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, in addition to any other business.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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