Executive Council meeting at Ministry for Transport

On Friday 12th July, the Minister for Transport, the Postal Service and Telecommunications, Rufino Ovono Ndong, oversaw his first executive council meeting, after being appointed as head of the ministerial department. The meeting took place in the room at the Ministry for Mines, and a total of eight points were covered, including any other business.

The meeting began with a reading and approval of the agenda, by the General Secretary of the department, followed by a reading and approval of the minutes from the previous session.

The meeting began with the presentation of the study and approval of various regulations from the maritime sector, and the study and approval of cuts to the budget for the department in 2020. Following that, there as a presentation of the training programme for the maritime sector and the basic administration course for officials, the report on the sector distribution of corrective measures from the IMO, and finally any other business.

In relation to the regulations for the Telecommunications and New Technologies sector, they dealt with the Draft Law on cybersecurity and the security of critical infrastructures, in addition to the Decree for the creation of the body for Personal Data Protection.

In the case of the regulations from the maritime sector, a total of 8 decrees were issued, on the prevention and monitoring of environmental contamination, in order to regulate the exploitation of public and private ports in Equatorial Guinea, among others.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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