Extraordinary General Assembly for Gepetrol Insurance

On the morning of Thursday 15th November at Gepetrol, the Extraordinary General Assembly of Gepetrol Insurance took place, overseen by Antonio Oburu Ondo, and represented by shareholders from GEPetrol, the Equatorial Guinea National Bank, the international reinsurer, Africa Re, and Proincoge.

In accordance with the agenda, the assembly looked at the following points:

A) A modification to statutes, in order to continue alignment with the CIMA code, with respect to business capital, the transfer and handling of shares, the drawing up and distribution of results and the extension, and regarding the breakup and closure of the company.

B) The shareholders pact regulating their obligations and rights.

C) The regulatory transfer of shares to holders with a dominant holding.

After looking at these points, the president of the board of directors, Antonio Oburu Ondo, brought the meeting to a close.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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