Feast of James the Apostle in Bata

To mark the feast of the patron of the city of Bata, James the Apostle, which is celebrated every 25th July, reporters from the Equatorial Guinea Institutional Web Page and the newspaper Poto Poto, spoke to the Mayor of the city, to find out about the official programme for the festivities.

Our mission or interest is always in trying to improve things, were the first words expressed by Bonifacio Manga Obiang, in relation to improvements to the largest fiesta in Bata with respect to the previous year, such as the installation of the fair, which will be kept in the same place, behind the La Libertad tower.

Another of the improvements from Bata Town Hall is the installation of mobile toilets, and rubbish containers in every corner, to prevent the accumulation of rubbish. In addition, they have provided the service of security agents for the crowds, together with a reduction in the price of stands.

The municipal government is at the service of the public, and responsibility for organising the fiesta falls on the Town Hall; for that reason, measures have been adopted using funds so that the fiesta takes place under perfect conditions, creating recreational activities such as a peaceful demonstration, the election of Miss Bata 2017, football matches, folk dancing, and a reception provided in the restaurant, La Ferme.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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