FEGUIFUT postpones ordinary general assembly

The Executive Board of the Equatoguinean Football Federation (FEGUIFUT) has found it necessary to postpone the Ordinary General Assembly which was die to take place in the city of Bata this Saturday 16th December, due to the entrance in the hall of some twenty members of teams who were neither invited nor accredited.

The incident took place when the President of the Association of Women’s Football entered the hall without accreditation, and refused to leave at the behest of the organisers. Following that, a group of members representing teams burst into the hall just when the opening ceremony for the Assembly was about to begin. Neither members of Security or FEGUIFUT could prevent their entry, and following various attempts by the President of FEGUIFUT to ask the uninvited and non-accredited members to leave the hall peacefully, the Executive Board called a press conference in an adjacent room within the hotel.

At the press conference, the President, the only one who spoke, told the media of the decision by the Executive Board to postpone the Assembly until a further order, to prevent confrontations which could lead to serious incidents. During the press conference, the President explained that the incidents had begun from the moment in which, after asking for official assistance from security forces, they were faced with an order issued by the Minister for Youth and Sports to remove the security forces. Based on that, the Executive Board of FEGUIFUT is justifying the postponement of the Assembly, in which they were going to deal with important matters regarding the development of football, the start of the national league, and other matters of interest.

We recall that article 22 of the FEGUIFUT Statutes requires 33 members for an Assembly, and according to the President, the list was checked and closed before the start of the large meeting. But the infiltration of uninvited non-accredited members who did not come with the intention of taking part, but to boycott footballing activities in the country, forced a postponement of the proceedings.

Mr. Jorge Andres Mbomio also announced that with his Executive Board they will prepare in the next few days a trip to Zurich (headquarters of FIFA), in order to ask for advice on the current situation and the posture to adopt against the incidents that have taken place, because, he affirmed, it was not the first time that the same group had caused incidents such as today’s, as they are the same ones that boycotted the start of the football league first division last year, and have created disturbances in all the recent FEGUIFUT Assemblies.

When asked if the postponement of the Assembly could affect the league competition, the President said yes, and that what they were going to organise at the Assembly was, among other things, the programme for the next league in all categories.

In a declaration to the Asonga television programme, various members of the team that entered the hall affirmed that FEGUIFUT had financed their trip to Bata. In reply, the President invited the media to look at the contradiction, because of FEGUIFUT had officially financed their trip, then they would be accredited to attend the meeting, and none of their names appear on the mission sheet for the trip to Bata.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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