Festival of African cuisine in Madrid

On the occasion of Africa Day, the embassies of the countries of the AU present in the Spanish capital offered a cooking demonstration in which Equatorial Guinea also participated.

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Spain, Purificacion Angue Ondo, along with her team, represented our country in the celebration of Africa Day, which the countries of the African Union (AU) with diplomatic representation in Madrid, held in the Hotel Miguel Angel, on the afternoon of May 25.

To celebrate this important date, each of the participating countries presented a sample with some of its most representative dishes and recipes of its gastronomy. In this way, the visitors could make an interesting journey through the flavors of the continent.

The Equatorial Guinean embassy also exhibited a selection of the rich and varied cuisine of Equatorial Guinea, with exquisite dishes of cod, corn with peanuts, etc.

Text and photos: Ines Ortega
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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