Fifth meeting of Senate Table

The periodic meetings of the members of the Senate Table continue, with the aim of reprogramming the legislative activities corresponding to the first ordinary period of sessions 2019.

On 19th March, under the presidency of Teresa Efua Asangono, a meeting took place to analyse, among other matters, the files on the candidates wishing to join the Court of Audit.

The only point covered during the meeting held by members of the Senate Table, led by Teresa Efua Asangono, was the study and analysis of the files presented by the candidates who wish to join the Court of Audit, regulated under article 32 subparagraph 1 of basic Law, and article 31 of organic law, which state that judges on the Court of Audit will be appointed by the President of the Republic on Parliamentary proposal, with seven from the Chamber of Deputies and seven from the Senate, via qualifies majority vote by the two chambers. Their mandate will be for a period of five years.

The Court of Audit, recognised constitutionally as a Parliament high commission of a technical nature and having administrative and budgetary autonomy, soon to be formed in the country, will be responsible for overseeing transparency in the financial management of the administration, individuals and bodies that handle public funds or goods, and its jurisdiction extends throughout national territory.

In order to stand for one of the fifteen posts on the Court of Audit, the candidates must have a higher academic qualification as lawyer, economist, magistrate or professor, among other specialists.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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