Final day of Oil & Gas Meeting Day

On Wednesday 2nd October the sessions of the ministerial workshops continued in which another four ministries shared their experiences and the opportunities they provide. Subsequently in the block with the panels for presentations various companies offered proposals and opportunities.

The Ministry for Agriculture Forests and the Environment presented its regulations; the Ministry for Work and Social Security presented the work certificates; the Ministry for Security presented matters regarding residency while the Ministry for telecommunications presented issues relating to frequencies.

After the presentations from the first panel they continued with the second with subjects regarding engineering construction catering and communication led by chiefs from Imagine GETESA and others.

Other presentations were given on National Content and Auditing Legal Advice Commercial banks and National Financial Institutions.

Finally there was the presentation of the workshops from the IOCs in which Trident Energy and Marathon were the presenters.

These panels were followed by the closing ceremony with an evaluation and thanks from the president of Nahsco JesA�s Maria Nvumba Mbomio and a closing speech from the Prime Minister of the Government Charged with Administrative Coordination Francisco Pascual Obama Asue.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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