Final stretch of the PDGE Tour: Osa Osa addresses the militancy in Ebebiyin

The spacious auditorium of the border capital of Kie-Ntem was almost too small for the large number of militants who once again went to the work meeting of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE), in which Osa Osa Ecoro reviewed a number of issues of interest, such as the economic crisis. In this regard, he recalled that, despite the recession, the Government has not touched the budgets of the most sensitive areas, such as education and health.

After the speech by the president of the District Council of Ebebiyin, who gave a “red card” to all those who attack the party and the democratic institutions of Equatorial Guinea, Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro once again won the applause of the large audience, which on Monday, May 4, filled the auditorium of the city: “The true militant of the PDGE doesn’t show it in the clothes he wears, because the genuine conviction is on the inside, and is demonstrated by his behavior and abiding by party discipline, and clearly knowing the theses of our Founding President, who since August 3 is leading us in the right direction,” said the Secretary General, who insisted that the party is making history, and that all the militants should once again support him in the presidential elections, which will be in the next year 2016. “The election of the new president will be under the new constitution, which includes a renewal that is very important and whoever is chosen may not exceed more than two terms,” he said.

The economic issue also came out in his speeches and in this regard, the Secretary General requested the cooperation of the entire population: “We must return to productive activities and must take personal initiatives,” recommended Osa Osa, who advocated to get everyone involved in the fight against the recession, and so the country can become productive and self-sufficient, despite the drop in oil, with the return to activities such as agriculture.”It’s never too late to start again, we must have courage at this situation, everyone can contribute something, which can be favorable for himself and for society.”

However, he also recalled that the Government has not touched a single cent of the sectors of education and health, and also that the Head of State, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, has just returned from China, where he obtained a significant credit of $2.5 billion to start the process of industrialization: “What the PDGE and its leader are doing for the country, we have seen in the results,” also said the Secretary General, who once again announced that a conference will be held this same year 2015, in which they will try to find solutions to the social problems of the crisis, among other issues.

Once again the event for women was led by Antonina Mico Mikue, in the absence of the First Deputy Secretary General, Jesusa Obono.

Text and photos: Ines Ortega
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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