Fire training for members of Public Health

Personnel from the District Clinical Hospital of Baney and the National Research Laboratory for Public Health received on Tuesday 29th October basic training in fire prevention and evacuation practice. The course was given by the team of fire-fighters from Marathon Oil. The District Clinical Hospital of Baney is the headquarters of the National Research Laboratory for Public Health, where they carry out, among other things, the analyses under the Programme for the Elimination of Malaria on the island of Bioko. The Government is working on the operationalisation of the health districts and on a management plan for the district clinical hospital which integrates the actions and care from communities, including the chronically ill.

The National Research laboratory goes further than the vaccination against Malaria, as it aims to be the national and regional benchmark laboratory, integrates with other academic and research institutions such as the INGE, diversifying its research into areas such as fevers not caused by malarial infection.

The ultimate aim of the Ministry for Health and Social Welfare in Equatorial Guinea is to strengthen the health system in the country and transform the Baney Research Centre into an African benchmark for the identification and definition of new, emerging diseases.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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